Tough on Managing Osteoarthritis.
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Osteoarthritis (OA)

Natural Disease Processes

Unlike rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which is an autoimmune disease, osteoarthritis is a result of changes in certain natural processes usually triggered by injury or wear and tear to the joint which lead to the breakdown and degradation of cartilage around the joint. This process worsens when certain nutrients are missing in the diet or the body's inability to digest or absorb such nutrients is reduced. Some of the leading causes of osteoarthritis and its progression are:

  • Excessive weight which causes additional wear and tear on the joints and surrounding cartilage
  • Injury due to or overuse from sports or physical labor
  • Traumatic injury to a joint, such as from a car accident or a fall
  • Aging process
  • A long-term history of poor intake, digestion or absorption of natural anti-inflammatory compounds such as selected flavonoids, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids

It is important to note that, regardless of the cause of osteoarthritis, the metabolic processes of this disease are the same in everyone largely because the body relies on the intake of nutrients to help maintain proper joint health. When this does not occur or when there is joint injury or trauma, cells in the damaged joint release excess phospholipids from their membranes which are converted into arachidonic acid (AA) in the joint tissue. AA is an essential fatty acid produced by the body that plays important roles in helping to regulate functions of the body. However, when joints produce excess AA, two types of enzymes, cyclo-oxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX) convert this excess acid into powerful inflammatory chemical irritants known as prostaglandins (PGE) and leukotrienes (LTB). In osteoarthritis, excessive production of AA leads to the conversion of excessive PGE's and LTB's which can both cause damage to the joints and cause other metabolic imbalances in the body. Because people with osteoarthritis have this specific metabolic imbalance, they have distinctive nutritional requirements which cannot be satisfied by changes in the diet alone.

  • Why Limbrel?
  • Why Medical Foods?
Why Limbrel
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Why Medical Foods?
Medical foods are an official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) category of products that must have therapeutic value based on recognized science. The name “medical foods” was chosen by the U.S. Congress. All medical foods must meet the distinctive dietary requirements of a particular disease.