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Simply present your Limbrel prescription and a LimbrelRx® Discount Card to a pharmacist at a participating pharmacy. Get Limbrel for $60 per bottle & save 50% or more off of the retail price. Each bottle of Limbrel is a 30-day supply, taken 1 capsule twice a day. (Savings are off of retail price, not off of copay.)

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To find a participating pharmacy in your area that offers LimbrelRx® discounts on Limbrel, enter your zip code into the field below.

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Download a LimbrelRx® Discount card for Limbrel

  1. Download the LimbrelRx® Discount card for Limbrel here
  2. Cut along the solid lines
  3. Fold twice along the dotted lines to wallet size
  4. To complete the ID#, the cardholder must write his/her 10-digit phone # in the space provided

Questions about Limbrel? Please call 1-888-546-2735

Pharmacists with questions on LimbrelRx® program? Please call the pharmacy help desk at 1-877-416-6600

Simple Steps:
  1. Your physician prescribes Limbrel to you
  2. You call or visit a participating pharmacy with the Limbrel prescription and a LimbrelRx® Discount card
  3. Pharmacist processes the Limbrel script (upon verification with the prescribing physician) and applies the LimbrelRx® Discount instantly

Helpful Tips:
  • You MUST call or visit the pharmacy yourself to authorize the discount & provide your payment information (your doctor can't do that for you)
  • Call the pharmacy immediately, particularly if you are using pharmacy's mail service which can take several days
  • Your physician office may be able to fax your Limbrel prescription directly to the pharmacy (but you must call the pharmacy also, to pay & authorize the discount)
  • Ask the pharmacist about mail order & auto refill options
  • Need to find a doctor who already prescribes Limbrel? Click here